April 2019 Edition
Ramadham Wishes

250 houses with Toilets in a small village were possible because of this Super Woman.

We can surely understand and also can imagine how hard it would be for us (city people) if we could not find any toilets in our villages when we visit during our holidays. For those living in cities, it is difficult to imagine how life in villages turns out to be.
And there is one such story which will be inspiring, Komal Hadala, a 22-year-old girl from Delhi moved to Nithora village in Ghaziabad after marriage. However, she was in for a culture shock when one morning a group of women called her out to accompany them to the fields to answer nature’s call.

For a moment, imagine her situation, a girl from Delhi where she had sanitary facilities finds no toilets in her in-law’s house or place. Komal talked to Times of India, about the embarrassment she faces every morning. She said:
“If going to the fields in the morning wasn’t embarrassing enough, we would often be herded out by the farmers who came with sticks and stones. I had come from a home that had a proper bathroom. Every morning was a challenge for me. I would hold my stomach so that I don’t have to go to the fields. But how long could one do that?”
She discussed the situation with her husband and in-laws, and they supported her.
Today, Komal is a member of the Nigrani Samiti of the government’s ODF initiative.
It was a big morale booster for her when Norwegian PM Erna Solberg visited Nithora as a part of a UNICEF programme on Saturday and lauded Komal for her efforts.
It is really good news when you get the support from the in-laws. She is lucky to have such a supportive family who cares for one another.


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