Every woman loves to have a unique collection of Crockery but cleaning it takes their time. Listed down some easy tips to make your cleaning easier!

• Crockery should be used only for serving food and not for cooking.
• Wash used crockery as soon as possible.
• Do not use scrubbing pads to clean them.
• Some crockery is safe to use in a microwave. Though, keep in mind that any metallic design on the vessel may render it unsuitable for microwave use.
• Most of us use dishwasher for cleaning our utensils. Before placing your crockery in the dishwasher, go through the dishwasher manual to check the required settings.
• Avoid sticking the crockery close to each other in the dishwasher.
• Set the dishwasher at optimum temperature as per the manual when washing crockery.
• Do not add excess detergent, as it may impart a dull finish to the crockery.
• Verify the usage of detergent for a particular crockery type because using wrong detergent may affect the shine of your super-vitrified glazed crockery.