New Year resolutions doesn’t mean giving things up! Every day can be a simple actionable and an adoring day that everyone can be happy with. From doing a new work out every day to practicing regular meditation, each day can be made in a way that can make you positive, nourished and loved.

Here are some tips to start a hassle free New Year:

New Step Every Day:


Start your New Year in the right way by stepping outside for a run or a walk. Don’t panic if you are not able to run fast or run longer, step by step improvisation is mandatory to feel progression every day.


Meditate to rejuvenate:



Meditation is proven to reduce stress. It is the ideal strategy if you want to lose weight. Few minutes of meditation can make you focus better and can give you more energy to begin the day.

Create a No – Phone Zone:


A disturbed sleep can spoil an entire day’s mood. We must make a general routine of getting ready for bed as well. The continuous routine of us waking up every single notification we get can spoil sleep. In fact having a disturbed sleep is a disaster.


Sparkle with Songs:


Dancing can increase the blood speed rate of your body that directly applies to increase the metabolism rate as well as the mood of your soul. Any form of fitness practice that makes you sweat results in weight loss doing the same routine more like a dance session can give you piece of mind.


The Super Whizzed Food:

Breakfast has a very important role to play when comes to a proper day’s start. Smoothies with all the favorites you want can make a healthy start. Lunch and dinner both must be equally balanced for a regular


The Nourishment:


This New Year plan to have a regular spa visit or tone your body with face masks. The Egg & Honey mask/Turmeric &Milk mask can help you lift up your soul.


Be the chooser:


Never fail to try new work out tasks from the Cardio dance to the new Tabata style workout anything can work while you never know.