April 2019 Edition

A Baby saved 3 lives by donating her organs; Doctors pay tribute to the Angel

She was an Angel, who saved three lives and went to heaven.
It is a very heart-breaking turn of event, where doctors and nurses of ‘Guard of Honour’ hospital were seen paying tribute to the little baby girl, after being brain dead.

She was taken to the OT to donate her organs. Imagining her parent’s condition gives tears and huge respect for them. It is very hard for parents to see their kids getting hurt and here they are letting their baby girl go to save three lives.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Alondra Torres Arias, from Monterrey, Mexico, succumbed to pneumonia aged just one year and seven months.
The mother, Jenni Barraza wrote a heartwarming message on Facebook, saying,
“She probably left days before, I talked to her and kissed her until the last minute.”
In a touching tribute, the doctors were seen standing against the wall in a line waiting for the child to be taken to the operation theatre.

As the bed went past them, the doctor clasped their hands, head bowed down and were seen praying for the baby in a touching, respectful way.
Many doctors and nurses, including the ones that attended to her, thanked the little girl as she went past them.
Rest in Peace little Angel.


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