April 2019 Edition
April 2019 Edition

Actor Suriya opens up about Pollachi Assault

With a lot of celebrities are voicing out for the Pollachi assault, Actor Suriya has penned a column in a Tamil magazine regarding this. The actor who is outspoken and has a great view comes up with a beautiful message for all of us.

The Tamil post is roughly translated into English.

‘This incident in Pollachi has put the whole of Tamil Nadu literally inside the prison cage. The girl came forward to file a case on rapists, but when the names and identity of the girl were revealed by the media, the pressure on the family made them withdraw the case. This shows our carelessness.

There are two different opinions that are making rounds about this incident. One is ‘This wouldn’t have happened without the girl’s “wish”. The other is ‘Don’t trust unknown men’. Both are roughly translated to the sentence- ‘Men will be Men’ and which is wrong.

Families should come forward and tell the girls that this threat will not work out, go bring those guys (who are torturing them), beat them up and send them to prison. Unfortunately, The boys are making use of the fear indulged in the girl child about their body (which is termed as weakness) during their upbringing by both the society and the parents.

These videos are the sick proof of the game played by the society on those girls. If the girls belong to the rich family, the culprits are trying to make money out of it, if not, they are making the girls do different things to fulfil their wishes. We must treat these guys differently.

Those girls and their families should stay safe and calm, should come out and complain about the guys. The girls must speak out that nobody can ever threaten them by using the “weakness” of their body. It is their duty to do so. These Theoretical abuses are dangerous than sexual assault.

I do have the fear whether I’m raising my daughter as same as my son. There are many rules based on how a girl should dress, how they should sit, how they should talk and appear before the society. I keep teaching my kids all the things I have learnt from society so far”, says Suriya.

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