April 2019 Edition

Alia Bhatt responds to marriage rumours

Alia Bhatt who turned 26 recently was asked about her marriage rumours and the actress cleared all our doubts.

She said: “I feel it’s all unnecessary chatter. You have to understand that personal life is called ‘personal’ for a reason. In fact, that’s why, not many speak up about their relationships. The minute you say anything, there are random pieces of news including my supposed marriage.”

“I reached a stage where it’s not just limited to media. It has even reached my fans. So, sometimes, when I interact with them on social media, they also ask me when I am getting married. And I am like, ‘why are you asking me this? Have I said anything? Have I given a feeler?’ No,” says Alia, adding that since it has been a “season of marriages”, everyone expects that I might also do the same.”

“But marriage is something that hasn’t even crossed my mind. I am not averse to it. But it’s not a part of my plan right now. I have a lot of work to do. It’s not as if I won’t work post marriage, whenever it happens. But right now, my focus is just on work.

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