April 2019 Edition

Asia’s oldest Elephant ‘Granny Dakshayini’ passes away!

Gaja muthassi’ Dakshayini, the oldest captive elephant in all of Asia who was all set to enter the Guinness world record, passed away on Tuesday due to age-related ailment. She was 88.

She has been the resident elephant at the Chengallur Mahadeva temple for more than 70 years now and prior to this, she was a resident of Attingal Thriuvaaratu Kaavu temple. The main attraction in Shankhamukam Devi temple, she used to carry the idol of Durga.

She was recognized by United Record Forum (URF) which is one step below Guinness, for being the oldest elephant in Asia.

Now, she will be cremated by the members of the board.

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