April 2019 Edition
April 2019 Edition

Bigg Boss Julie thrashes trollers who made bad comments about her!

The Jallikattu issue which was one of the historic moments in Tamil Nadu, saw many youngsters gathering together and quite a few became famous because of their works during that time.

Maria Juliana a.k.a. Julie is definitely one of them. Her bravery caught the eyes of many and she was one of the contestants for the Bigg Boss season one. Unfortunately, the reality show didn’t go her way as she had a lot of people trolling her. Even after the show got over, the trolls didn’t stop.

Now, there was news going rounds on Social Media that Julie and her boyfriend fought with Egmore police and her boyfriend got arrested. To clarify it all, Julie put on a video explaining what exactly happened and once again she was trolled by a few people. She then quickly posted another video and thrashed the trolls.

Here are the two videos:

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