Over the last two to three years, Chennai has suffered the wrath of nature! The city was battered by nature’s fury, so much so that come December, and there’s fear and anxiety in the air! Even more painful is seeing people from the lower strata struggle, with near to nil necessities in hand, which worsens further during a calamity. We are nearing the so called `jinxed’ month, but why fret, when being optimistic and hopeful can move mountains!

Amid the hue and cry, what we witnessed of Chennaiites is the unmatchable strength of unity! There’s a comment that many pass these days – “people’s attitude have changed and is turning to be more egocentric?’ Mishaps that’s marred the city have proved each letter in the statement wrong! Every man-made difference or barrier was shattered into pieces, and only love and humanity shone bright. We, thus, became an example the nation venerated. Another example that put us on world map for togetherness was the fight put forward to save Jallikatu.

Also, when something is envisaged truly and deeply, there’s a belief that the universe will conspire to make it happen. Why not envisage peace and tranquillity always, devoid of all odds? But all said and done, it’s about embracing reality and being pragmatic, which is to be prepared, come what may! Combating challenges gets easier when we are united just as what’s highlighted in the famous adage – united we stand, divided, we fall! On this optimistic note, let’s begin our countdown for another year, that’s just a little more than a month away!