Before, buying a shampoo one must note that there are different types of shampoo will work better with certain types of hair. If you have long and coarse hair, for example, you will want to use a different type of shampoo than if you had fine, short hair. Following is a quick guide to help you determine which shampoo is right for your particular hair type.

Dry hair or dry scalp – Abnormally dry hair is a common problem for many people. Dry hair usually occurs because the hair is not properly cared for or because of the overuse of chemicals and heat styling. The chemicals involved with perm and styling treatments can dry your hair out and even damage it.

Oily hair – If you are a person who has an oily scalp, your hair can become oily and greasy as well. This creates a dirty appearance and the hair will generally have very little bounce or volume. When buying shampoo for oily hair, you can find a wide selection that typically uses astringents to reduce the oil that your scalp produces. Some ingredients to look for include sage and tree oil, but there are others. Unfortunately, shampoos specifically made for oily hair and scalps can cause your hair to be dry after awhile. To combat this, use a mild moisturizing conditioner every other day to ensure that your hair retains some natural oils that are essential for healthy hair.

Curly hair – One of the more recent innovations in shampoo and hair products is a full line of merchandise that is specifically formulated for curly hair.

Specialty hair – In addition to all of these hair types, there is also an undefined category of specialty hair. This can include a wide variety of other hair types, such as African-American hair. At many of the prominent department stores and pharmacies, you can find an entire line of hair care products dedicated to this type of hair to help you get the look that you want.

Normal hair – If you fall into the category of normal hair, there are shampoos and conditioners on the shelf for you, too. In fact, products for normal hair make up the majority of the available shampoos and conditioners that are available. These products are generally mild so they will not disrupt the natural balance that your scalp and hair follicles have created.