None of us can digest our favourite personality’s death. But, what if there is a twist in their death? A drama? An escapism? Conspiracy theories might be wrong or right, but it really messes with our mind when these theories are filled with proofs.

Michael Jackson

The king of pop’s death was such a shock to people all around the world. But some still believe that he is alive. He is faking his identity and living hidden. There were various pictures and videos circulated as proof that he is still alive. What can I say? It can also be someone else who is look alike of Michael Jackson. Yet, it is creepy all the same.

Marilyn Monroe

Though the actress /model is said to dead because of suicide due to over dose of drugs, there are rumours and theories that she was actually killed by Robert Kennedy (with whom she had had an affair) as he was afraid that she would make their affair public and also that she had gathered some government secrets.

Adolf Hitler

The cruel man is said to be committed suicide but many believe that he actually staged up a drama and escaped to Argentina. This comes from the evidence of a U- boat discovered wrecked under the North Sea through which he might have escaped

Bob Marley

The famous singer, international musical and cultural icon is said to be murdered by CIA as he and other Reggae musicians were trying to alert the people that CIA is attempting to bring down Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley. Sadly, the only person to know the truth is Bob Marley himself.

Avril Lavigne

This had to be the strangest conspiracy as Avril Lavigne is still alive! The famous pop singer was said to be dead a decade ago due to her parents’ divorce. Moreover, she was replaced by a doppelganger who was actually Melisa Vandella hired by Avril to confuse the paparazzi.