Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids in India, Child Age for Corona Vaccine, Price, Availability

Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids In India, Child Age For Corona Vaccine, Price, Availability, Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids In India List, Which Age Group of Child for Corona Vaccine Available. Check Eligibility For Covid-19 Vaccine For Child Price, When will children get Covid Vaccine in India. Here is a List of Vaccines Available for Kids in India details for Children and Parents are given. Covid 19 Vaccine for Children aging 12 to 18, 5 to 12 years is still in the process. One of the ministers of the ruling party admitted that India is taking precautions for the upcoming third wave of Corona Virus which is been already predicted and hence will going to affect children the most.

Many Vaccines are in the race of trials in India like Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, AstraZeneca, and Moderna, etc. These vaccines have been tested on children age below 18 years too. The efficacy of some of the Covid 19 vaccines for children is out as 100 percent. Covid-19 Vaccines in India for kids is in its third trial phase. Covaxin and Zycov-D (Zydus Cadila) Vaccines are among the top priority of the Indian Government which will be tested on children aging from 12 to 18 especially. Now dig more here about Covid 19 Vaccination Age group of children 18 years when will start, what will be Vaccine Name for Kids in India, Covid vaccination for Kids availability, price in India of Covishiled, Covaxin, Sputnik V, Moderna.

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Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids In India

The experts anticipating that Corona cases in children may be increasing in the third wave. So various companies like Pfizer, Bharat biotech are working on Covid-19 Vaccine trials For Children Well lets us begin with Covid-19 Vaccination Name for Children In India in detail:

  • Covaxin: As you know that this Covid-19 Vaccination is a product of Bharat Biotech. Thus DCGI has started trials on children of different age groups. The trial results of II/ III were successful and potentially it can be seen as the next vaccination to immunize children in India if the third wave hit the country. The Covaxin trail on Children in India is already going on in AIIMS Patna.

Zycov-D (Zydus Cadila): Many of you must not have heard about this vaccination. Well this an Ahemdabad based pharmaceutical company which have come up for Covid-19 vaccination for children in India. This company has applied for a license and it will get it in the next two weeks for vaccination trials. This has come out as the second choice of government for Children Vaccination In India.

  • Pfizers: It is already a bit famous vaccination in many countries like India, US, EU, UK. In the second and first wave, this vaccination was approved by WHO on an emergency basis for its usage. Now AIIMS director also said that Pfizer is not only effective on adults but will also be as effective as on children. In other countries, the jabs of Pfizers have been given to children and it tends to be a safe vaccine over there. In India, it is still under trial.

Vaccine For 12 Years Old – Cowin Registration For Children Above 12

  • Sputnik V: Also you must be aware of this vaccination as well. Sputnik-V vaccination is been waited for a long in India. By June end it will be available in Indian markets. This is the first vaccination in India with a single dose. Thus, recently director Gamaleya National Research Center quoted that Sputnik-V will soon start their trials on children according to their age and weight.

Different doses will also be tested on children and soon the trials will begin by next week. The formulation of Sputnik V will remain the same and it will not undergo any changes for children in India or other countries. Although the Covid-19 variant found in children of India is too way different than other variants till now founded.

  • Moderna: This name must not be heard by many but this has been the most effective covid-19 vaccination for Children till now. The US has approved this vaccination for children. Thus it has shown all safety points for children to use as Covid-19 vaccination. Children of age group 12 to 17 are safe to use Moderna as Vaccination for Covid-19. There have been several meetings and talks between delegates to bring this vaccination to India for Children after its safe clinical trials on Indian children.
Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids In India, Child Age For Corona Vaccine, Price, Availability

Covid19 Vaccination for Child (12-18 age ) (2-12 age )

If we go according to reports then the health Minister of India recently quoted that many vaccinations in India for children are on trial. Children India of the age group 12-18 Year around 5-6 crore of the population which is quite a number. Thus we cannot bring the vaccination without final trials and goes like some kids get the jab and some do not.

While the government will decide a particular strategy to come up with the Covid-19 vaccination for children In India. Nevertheless, the efficacy report of most of the vaccination trials on 12-18 Indian children is quite impressive. Till now Covaxin is in its third trial on children age group 12-18. They will soon start their trials on children aging between 2 to 12.

Children eligibility for getting Corona Vaccination in India

While Government of India has not come up with any eligibility criteria for children of different age groups for getting a vaccination. All the vaccinations are under trails. Still in India, the age to get a jab is from 18 years and above. Kids/ children who are below 18 years are not eligible for Covid-19 vaccination. Some of the Corona Virus Vaccinations like Moderna, Coavxin, zydus, Sputnik are under trial, and within few weeks they will be able to serve all the age groups of children with vaccination in India.

Availability of Covid-19 Vaccination for Kids in India

Well if we see the reports, Covaxin and Zydus vaccination will tend to win the race for Children vaccination in India for Covid-19. Covaxin is in its third trial and zydus is also near its completion in the trial race. The availability of Covid-19 vaccination will be soon in the markets for Children age group 12 to 18 and 2 to 12. We can expect that by the last week of June, you may hear any good news regarding the availability of vaccination in India. Although in Maharashtra, Kerala and many other states have witnessed Covid-19 cases in Children too. So before the third wave of Corona hits the country, the vaccination will soon be available for children.

Price of Covid Vaccine in India for Children

Well as soon as the trials are over of vaccination on children, officials will release the official statement regarding trials as well as price. The initial availability of Vaccination doses is about 20-30 crore for only 12 to 18 age group of children, which is huge. Thus soon officials will decide the price of vaccination in India for children. Take extraordinary care of your child until a vaccine is available for kids.

The Third Wave is the most effective child age group Below 18 as the Scientists and Medical experts said. Moreover, various countries are still suffering from this 3rd wave and they are worrying to Protect their Children. So India must take strict action to protect our children by getting a jab of Covid 19 vaccine. Now the Child and Parents what do you think about Kids Vaccine in India, write your opinion in below comment section.

Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids In India, Child Age For Corona Vaccine, Price, Availability, Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids In India, Child Age For Corona Vaccine, Price, Availability

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