April 2019 Edition
April 2019 Edition

Dad trains a pet dog to tutor daughter when he is away: Watch

In one of the most beautiful and hilarious incidents, a dad trains the family dog to supervise homework sessions. A video of the four-legged tutor has now gone viral and netizens are highly impressed by the dog’s training.

The dog named Fantuan has been well trained to stand with his front legs on the study table while the daughter, Xinya, completes her homework.

“I trained it to guard food against the cat when it was young. Then one day, I found my daughter was naughty when she was doing her homework. I came up with an idea to let Fantuan watch over its sister, supervise her to do her homework,” said Xu Liang.

Watch video:

According to the video description, the father trained the dog because his daughter had a habit of playing on her smartphone during homework time.

The decision to use a canine as a tutor turned out to be fruitful. Xinya now completes her homework in time with Fantuan watcher over her.

“It is not as boring as doing my homework alone, and I won’t be distracted as well. It feels like being accompanied by a classmate,” says Xinya.

The video shared by Xu Liang has garnered a lot of attention on social media.

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