Hey sleeping beauty, finding it difficult to recall moments of your visit to the magical land, last night? Come on, just get your hands on a vitamin B-6 supplement or gorge on a vitamin B-6 rich fruit.  Yes, believe it or not, a research conducted by the University of Adelaide’s School of Psychology in Australia has substantiated the sublime ability of the vitamin to help you recall the details of your dreams better.  According to the research, consuming vitamin B-6 before you hit the hay can work even better than a placebo in empowering you with the ability to fulfil your itching desire to remember what you dreamt of last night.

The study included three groups of participants, out of which one group was made to consume 240 milligrams of vitamin B-6 supplements before going to bed and the other two were given supplements of vitamin B complex and placebo respectively. Also, it is worth a mention that this study was double-blind, i.e., neither the participants nor the researchers knew which among the three groups were consuming vitamin B-6.  During the end of the 5-day study, it was found through anecdotal evidence that the subjects who consumed vitamin B-6 were able to recall their dreams better.

Wait! Mentioning just about the power of vitamin B-6 to provide you with better dream recalling ability might turn out to be an understatement. Yes, vitamin B-6 might also come in handy in enhancing lucid dreaming, which in turn can be useful in overcoming nightmares, treating phobias and rehabilitation from physical trauma, among others. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a vitamin B-6 supplement.