Henna as hair dye

Henna is a natural hair dye which leaves a reddish-orange colour to your hair. Henna has been used to dye hair for ages, till date henna is considered far better than commercial hair dyes. In addition to colouring, henna gives many benefits, like shine and glow, strengthens the hair roots and also makes the hair pigments strong and healthy when used regularly. Most of the women have now started to use henna knowing its great benefits. Henna acts in multiple ways, it conditions, strengthens and colours the hair. Also, it prevents hair loss and combats dandruff. Henna has the ability to improve blood circulation in the scalp and can change the white pigments to brown. Mix henna, tea decoction and lemon juice in an iron vessel overnight. Apply this mixture next day morning, leave it for 2 hours and wash your hair. Do not apply oil when using this henna mixture as oil will not let the henna to stick to your hair.

Coffee for hair

Coffee not only rejuvenates and refreshes you but this can also darken your hair. Add a lot of coffee powder in water and boil it to get a strong decoction. Use this to rinse and wash your hair, repeat this often to get the dark colour.

Black tea for blackening

Black tea is another potent ingredient that can darken your hair easily without any side effects. Boil the tea in water, use the cooled decoction to wash your hair. Then condition your hair for good results.

Soy sauce with vinegar

Take equal portions of soy sauce and vinegar and rinse your hair with this mixture after shampooing. The result is immediate and stays for long.

Mustard seed oil for dark hair

Apply mustard oil overnight and wash your hair the next day. Do this frequently to get dark hair. There is no damage using this oil and don’t worry about the odour, it will go away once you wash your hair.

Dark and lustrous hair enhance your appearance and make you look great. But you should be very careful while choosing the hair dye, go for the chemical free hair dye, else opt for natural ways to darken your hair. Ensure to check the label before you buy hair dye and even check henna whether it is free from chemicals. Remember, you have to make the right choice to save your crowning glory.