Chewing pan is not new as we have included it in our daily diet from the early ages; the intake of betel leaves gives the maximum health benefits containing vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene which help to manage the right amount of calcium level in our body. Till now, pan is being used as a mouth freshener in our day to day lives.

While there are different flavours of pan,  a new innovative way of consuming pan has been trending amongst pan lovers and it is called ‘Fire Pan’. In the pan shop, the shopkeeper adds the required ingredients for the flavour and lights up fire on betel leaves. We have heard about playing with fire but here, it is chewing fire. Pan lovers are enjoying the current trend of lighting fire in the betel leaves,  regardless of fire being a risk factor. Pan shops are widely being considered as street food option today, and the old tradition is still alive with new ideas. Most of the pan shops are crowded with people waiting to chew the fire and experience the essence of flavour when the fire is on.