April 2019 Edition
Ramadham Wishes

First human space flight of India might have a Woman on board!

We are witnessing, how women are now being acceptable by the society with the career options they chose for themselves. Be it their home or work place women are being acceptable. One such example is the workplace. First human space flight of India might have a Woman on it. In a recent interview,

“We, of course, would like to have women also to be there (on the space flight). You would remember our Prime Minister had mentioned son or daughter while announcing the human space flight. It would be very good if a woman is part of the first flight. But these things are still to be discussed and finalized. The selection process (for choosing the astronauts) has not started yet,” Sivan said.

It is believed that, in 2021 the space flight to be launched and the team will also have a woman astronaut. The selection process is still in process and the process is taken care with the help of Indian Air-force.

Out of 550 astronauts, only 60 were women. So, this must a good start to have more women into this field.

India is slowly changing for good.


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