Every decade has its own set of fashion and trends, be it shoes or jewelry or dress and what not, perpetually. The 90’s no doubt, was absolutely one of the finest and fashionable decades of all time. But looking at it closely, Nineteen Nineties vogue has made a resurgence, though some of these would serve as a souvenir, the rest will make you quail and question your fashion sense.

Here is the list of 90’s nostalgia



Isn’t she beautiful in Dungarees?

Dungarees have always been in every girl’s check-list isn’t it? After having disappeared for a few years it is back again with an aura that says, no matter how far the world goes, the dungarees will remain forever. The buckled trend can be worn in different ways but still would manage to look elegant and hip.

Round Glasses

Round glasses weren’t worn by many except fashionistas back in the 90’s! But now it has made a major comeback and is trending everywhere.It is so cool that it fits everyone and every lady likes to wear it!


Be it any boots, people had been thinking that it should be worn only by people in the army or military. Funny, right? Good news! To break the norm, boots are back with a bang and wherein this generation, youngsters and adults, are all seen wearing boots quite often.

Dark Lip shades

“Lipsticks are every girl’s best friend”.

Lipstick is the go to product for all the ladies and yeah, for the girls too! How about the dark shade lipstick? Aren’t they amusing? Every girl, at least once in her life time should wear dark lipsticks.

Floral Prints

No early 90’s wardrobe was without floral prints. Be it a sari, a salwar kameez or be it a maxi dress, floral prints had its own place in the fashion domain. And yeah, it is back again, where not only people in fashion or cinema wear it but also normal people are seen in that modish print.