Your hands reveal a lot about you! Well, it may sound weird as it’s not the first thing that people take notice of, but they’re usually the initial part people come into actual contact with. Whether you’re hand-shaking, high-fiving or cuddling, it’s ahead of essential that you well maintain your hands. We Magazine gets cracking with effortless means of taking care of your beautiful hands.

Everyday Ritual

  • Hand Wash

Your hands need to be regularly cleansed, just like your face to remove the grim and impurities. An important factor that calls for hand wash is the clogging of germs that are most likely to cause to infections and diseases. Ensure to use hand wash that is of good quality and are usually less drying and harsh than regular soap.

  • Moisturise: Your hands are perhaps one of the hardest working and most vulnerable body part that is given least attention. Make it a practice to apply a suitable moisturiser that seals all of your skins flaws thus restoring the vital nutrients your hands need inorder to stay healthy as well as look presentable.

Nobody wants to look at or shake hands at a poorly maintained one.  So instead of brooding over, just get started.

Here’s how you can pamper your hands at home:  

  • Begin by washing your hands with a hand wash to disinfect and remove grime. Then, soak both hands in a bowl of warm water to soften the nails and nail beds.
  • Cleanse underneath each nail with a high-end file to eliminate the clogged- in dirt and quickly wash hands again.
  • Singly, trim each nail with a perfect trimmer, starting each nail in the middle and then rounding off to the sides. Don’t wholly rip off your nails till your skin pops out fully. It’s ideal to leave a thin, white strip on the end of each nail.
  • Forget not, to give your nails a smooth finish using a nail file or emery board. Go one way with the file, not back and forth like a saw. This will smooth the surface and leave nails with a touch of shine.
  • Finish it off by massaging a fitting hand cream all over hands and wrists.