It’s no surprise that F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the most popular sitcom in the world. No matter how many sitcoms come and go, the hit show of 1994-2004 remains evergreen. The re-runs of the show in Comedy Central doesn’t seem to be coming to an end and we are glad. Even though all the 6 characters of the franchise dug a special space in our hearts, here are 10 reasons why Rachel Green was the most inspiring character.

Let’s start from the Pilot:

One of the dashing entries in television history. Now you may ask what’s so inspiring about it. Well, it is the fact that a rich, spoiled girl decided to face the consequences of her actions and to be independent.

Making her own self:

Although she had her father’s money, with a little nudge from her friends she decided to earn a living.

Dumping her pride:

She was used to being served coffee not being the server herself. But she swallowed her pride and took the job of a waitress.

Rising Heights:

She knew she was getting nowhere with the waitress job. Without much knowledge in careers she decided to step out of her comfort zone and find a job she loves.

Determined to prove herself:

After landing a job she loves she works hard to maintain a balanced life between her professional and personal life. Isn’t that what all of the ambitious girls want?

Sacrifices self-happiness:

She has more than once showed that she would put aside her own happiness for her friends. Though she flew all the way to London to win back Ross, she didn’t tell him that she loved him for his sake or how about the time she agreed to move out of her apartment with Monica to give space to the happy couple.

Boss of friendship goals:

Climbs the balcony to take off the Christmas lights at late night, puts on mad running shoes, helps pick out the best dress for an interview, fights to get her friend’s job back, set’s up her friend on a date and agrees to share her food. If this isn’t friendship goals then what it?

Mommy Dearest:

She might have made horrible decisions in the past but when it came to her child, nuh-uh! Not one.

Sassy Sister:

One a spoiled brat and the other a self-obsessed queen. Despite having a hard time with them, she radiates love and affection.

What could she do?… What couldn’t she do!

The girl who can run from her own wedding because she didn’t love him, can also bring down a whole plane to get to the love of her life.