April 2019 Edition

Hey! Wanna cry? Wanna let it out badly? Then check this ‘Crying Club’ in Surat!

Had fight with someone but can’t express emotions? Had a bad day in office? Wanna let it out? Then you can join India’s – first – of – kind Crying Club. Yes, a cry club, a place to let your veins flow away and some companions to pat your back and tell some “it’s ok we are here to CRY with you!

The cry club is situated in Surat, Gujarat. The founder of the club is Kamlesh Masalawala, whose idea is to give a place for the people to cry and share their stories. it is an irony that Mr Kamlesh is actually a laughter therapist.

Well, it is also one kind of laughter therapist, because the feeling after crying and let it out our sorrow, frustration and anger are very peaceful.

Many fail to understand that for one to become strong mentally, closing the door of your emotions is not the solution. But actually, it is exactly the opposite of it. Until you let your emotions flow down, you will never lead a stress-free and healthy life. The above explanation is also agreed by Mr Kamlesh.

Located next to Ma Vaishnoshaktidham Temples, it is scheduled on the last Sunday of every month, between 8am to 10 am, people are welcome to join in and shed their tears and leave stress-free.

People who have participated shared their instances. From housewives to working women, from fathers to other professionals. 

A native of Bhavnagar often visits because he feels lonely and crying out helps him relax. Sarika Ganjawala, a participant mentioned how being a working woman, as well as someone who handles her household, the stress can get overwhelming. Crying it out helps release all the stress and makes her feel better. 

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