Horror movies give us chills and a fear that takes away our sleep for days, yet we tend to watch it again and again. But there are certain movies that is known for its involvement in real life with the co-workers of the film. It’s actually terrifying that some movies seem to be cursed and goes to a further extent where it even kills people who worked on it.

The Omen

Though it doesn’t involve any scary faces or gross figures, the killing which is linked to a little boy who is considered Satan, sure does frighten everyone. But the most frightening thing about this movie is that there have been car accidents and deaths involved after this film. The screen writer David Seltzer is struck by lightning in a plane and the producer Harvey Bernhard was almost struck too. The actor Gregory Peck’s son was found dead at his home just before several months of filming though it was considered suicide.

The Exorcist

It is known to be the scariest movie released in 1973. This movie is based on true story where a boy was possessed by a demon. However, the boy’s parents asked the director to change the character to a girl in order to hide the boy’s identity. The set got caught fire before the shooting began and the whole building was burnt. Though the reason behind it was a pigeon, which got stuck in circuit system and messed up the electricity it’s still really creepy that the set of Regan’s (possessed girl) room was not burned at all. Actors Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros died during post production of the film and the strange thing is they were the characters who died in the movie too.

The Conjuring

This movie revealed the true incidents also about the real time ghost hunters Ed and Warren. Vera Farmiga who played the role of Lorrine Warren found three clawed marks on the screen just after she had hung up the phone from a conversation with the director. This happened after returning to home finishing the final shoot. Next day she found the same three clawed scratch on her thighs.


Claiming to be a true story, it portrays a doll being possessed which takes the lives of people around it. The doll keeps haunting and killing no matter how many it is thrown away. Ghosts in dolls sure are spooky but it gets creepier when a green fixture glass falls on the actor who played the demon, at the hall way. This is the same place where according the script the janitor is supposed to be dead.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Again, this was a film based on true events. The actress Jennifer Carpenter who played the lead role, Emily experienced some paranormal activities like the radio in her home would switch on and off by its own. The same was faced by her co-star Laura Linney, whose Television would turn off and on by itself.


One of the cursed movies of all time or so it’s said because actress Heather O’Rourke died from a misdiagnosed intestinal abnormality after few years of the film release and actress Dominique Dunne was murdered by her ex-husband.

As scary it may seem, it clearly shows the negativity of the horror films. May be the deaths and accidents could have been a coincidence. Who knows? No one can predict life after all.