Once a girl is born is born in a family, people rejoice for sometime and start making a list of weird questions they should ask and annoy us in the future. So, the idea is to keep a close eye on us and ask a question of the list which matches the situation.

Stop! It’s not helping us in our already complicated lives and it doesn’t help you too. So here are a few such things which every girl does not want to hear but has heard unfortunately.

You’ve finished your college, right? So, when are you getting married?

If you want to attend a marriage then why don’t you have your son get married? But no, this question is meant for me because I’m a girl!

Oh God! What a mess! Is this what you’ll do in your mother-in-law’s house?

Number 1: What I do in my mother-in-law’s house is between me and my mother-in-law.

Number 2: As if you haven’t made a mess in your life.

(To a Muslim girl) How do you wear your hijab? Don’t you feel hot?

How do you wear clothes? Don’t you feel hot?

If I say something about women you’ll put up a fight. After all, you’re a feminist, aren’t you?

Well, if you already knew that why did you have to bring up that sentence?

What have you done all day to feel tired? You only cook and sleep.

Oh really! Here’s an idea. Why don’t we swap places for a day and you do my chores? Then we’ll revisit and revise why do I feel tired. After all I only cook and sleep, right? It should be pretty easy.

You don’t know how to cook? But you’re a girl.

I’m sorry but I missed the manual book of ‘How to Cook!’ while I was born.

Why can’t you get ready faster?

Excuse me? Do you even know how hard it is to line your eyes perfectly, get the right eye-shadow and a lipstick which matches it with not too much concealer as it can ruin your skin and the difficult choice between a pink and a peach blush? No, I bet you don’t even know what a liner is!