Right after making Rajini’s fans go crazy over the kaala teaser, adding fuel to the frenzy, news has come out that the star comes brilliantly clad in a 40 kg outfit in Shankar’s 2.0. Of course, no wise mind would expect any less from Shankar, the director whose known to built empires, if in need of huts. Chitti, the eccentric robot, is the character for which the outfit has been tailored. It is unlike a Shankar movie if there is just one element of grandeur, isn’t it? Yes, the director has ruled out any possibility of doubting his ability to redefine grandeur, by making the heavily dressed robot flex its metallic muscles and perform a few stunts. Feeling pity for the actor? Be that as it may, Rajini, is said to have enjoyed shooting these sequences and is quite sure about the film’s success rate. After all is said and done, how well do you think that superstar can manoeuvre this sequence? Before coming into any conclusion, just remember that Rajinikanth is called ‘the superstar of Tamil cinema’ for a reason. Let’s wait and watch, kanna.