As April unfolds before us my memories towards childhood rewinds to olden days. It is that time of the year when exams and holidays are intertwined and summer gets as lively as it can with anxiety and fun in a blend. Those were great days when we got together with grandparents and relatives in our native. Playing at this time was lovely. Although we got tired playing outdoor games, it never bothered us because we bonded with real time friends and had real fun. There was nothing virtual. The most common way of not having a face to face talk was over telephone.
As my trip down memory lane slaps into reality, this holiday season, give your children a reality check by spending quality time with them and showing them outdoor locations to enjoy. Hill stations will be ideal places for a holiday. On our travel page is Darjeeling, the Himalayan heaven. For office goers, it is again important to stay in the zing and be responsible adults. We offer interview tips, office attires and resigning with class in our office etiquette section to help you with it. Experts also speak about your career and investment opportunities to become an independent woman. While you follow them carefully, don’t forget to take break from your routine and plan a holiday trip.