Ask people about him and it would rain praises! He juggles several roles skilfully and will willingly be your life saver even at early morning three, adhering to a doctor’s duty! But beyond all, what makes him a people’s favourite is his cordial nature. Dr Manoj Beno runs down the memory lane in a rendezvous with NITHYA RAVINDRAN

Born to a family that had a humble beginning, Dr Beno credits his parents for the contented childhood he’s had, with all luxuries and amenities – every bit of which was made out of their sweat, blood and tears. Becoming a doctor was his aspiration too, as much as his father’s, which however, seemed to be at stake during Beno’s college years, “I was a wonder kid till the age of 15! I stepped into college and things went for a toss! I was the worst student there with arrears in hand and doing all the wrong things in life”, he laughs and recollects.

Beno recalls days when he dreaded practising as a doctor due to lack of confidence, “The very first patient I had treated, I remember doing something to save him, but wasn’t sure whether it was right or wrong. That’s when I realised I was an idiot, because, doing good, is good; doing something bad, is bad. Not knowing what to do is fine, but not knowing what we have done is right or wrong and yet having done that is criminal”, exclaimed Beno! Thereon he decided to pull up his socks. Having started his career as a duty doctor, life changed when he was recognised for his capability and bestowed upon with the responsibility of handling administration in the role of a Medical Director at Billroth Hospitals. And here’s the man who put the hospital’s name on the map of Chennai!

A socialite who loves watching movies and a doctor by profession, when asked about controversies associated with the super hit movie Mersal, based on medical mal practices, Dr Beno says, “I am a big Vijay fan and Mersal is a brilliantly made movie! The only point I felt was it would have been better had the movie not generalised about doctors. Though a few do tarnish the name of medicine, there are many who give their heart and soul to the profession, providing excellent service to people. But beyond all I would endorse the movie as a perfect entertainer!”

Beno treasures his friendship dearly and, a ‘good person’ is all that matters to him, irrespective of his or her profile, “For me a friend is a friend and it has got nothing to do with status or celebrity frills attached”, says mister nice guy -as addressed by many. Another commendable gesture of Beno is of posting pictures of his friends and him on their birthdays, wishing them without fail on Facebook, every year, every day! He is looked upon as an epitome of friendship by many!

His first giant leap of faith was taking over the role of a Medical Director of Billroth at the young age of 29 years. Next, is his step of becoming an entrepreneur. He’s embraced the food industry by giving birth to ‘CHAO – Pan Asian Restaurant that’s turned to be the rave-review-spot in the city over night! “With the help of my friends and well wishers, CHAO has been doing so well that I am already thinking of opening its branch soon”, says the doctor-turned-entrepreneur, with a glee.

Beno strikes a perfect balance between his personal and professional lives. Partying after a tiring day, he humorously says, is like making space for a yummy dessert after a heavy, sumptuous meal! Having switched to wearing just black most of the times for reasons he’s yet to figure out, here’s a person with a golden heart, a doctor with the Midas touch and an entrepreneur with a brilliant vision, who only aspires to grow richer with more friends in future and be inspired with every such camaraderie!