Mood swing is the common element present in most of the women during their menstrual periods. It is because we don’t know how to treat our periods. Usually every woman will have questions about this but have you ever thought the solution would be easier? When you become more comfortable with your cycle you can easily guess how to deal with and feel free.


Thoughts are the most harmful factor during your menstrual period. It drains you totally and can easily get you into depression but there are simple things which you can keep in mind to avoid unwanted thoughts. First start your day with a fresh mood, think it’s like a very normal day and start your go ahead with your plans for a day. If you feel you have extreme mood swings then take paper start writing about what you love the most. These simple tricks easily divert you from the mood swings and allows you to feel normal throughout the day.


Food is the main reason why women usually have more pain during their cycle. Packed foods which contain more oil and salt are not healthy to our body and can cause stomach upset during periods. Avoid eating food which produces heat in your body start your meal with healthy fruits and drink a glass of milk during your cycle to get strong. It helps you bear the pain. Garlic is one of the best ingredients recommended to take during their periods because it fights against all the stomach related problems. Every morning take 2 garlic cloves before your breakfast which cleanses your stomach and would give you relief from the stomach pain.


Loneliness can easily make us physically and emotionally drained. So, don’t be home sick during your menstrual days. Plan for the day where you can be happy with the near and dear ones of your life. Do something which you love the most and stay smiling to kick off your mood swings.


Even if you are regular drinker avoid it during your cycle. Many feel having a drink will be relaxed but it is not. Don’t force something to kill your stress because your  body always accepts whatever it is, be it good or bad. Consuming alcohols during your cycle will cause problems in your blood gradually. But the effects would be late which will harm you every time.


Mood swings are unavoidable unless you have a proper sleep and following all the above four steps will let you sleep at the easily. A healthy day starts and ends with right amount of sleep. So, don’t think much about anything and feel free and go to bed. Sleep makes you forget the pain easily.