April 2019 Edition
April 2019 Edition

Mother-Daughter duo cracks TNPSC exams together; gets Govt jobs

There is no age limit for studies they say and here is Santhi Lakshmi who cleared the Government exams along with her daughter and has got a job now.

Hailing from a small village near Theni, Santhi Lakshmi was only 15 years old when she got married. Barely out of Class 10, she had to help her family and her husband who was a farmer. Despite getting married early, Santi Lakshmi always wanted to study.

After six years of marriage, she passed her Class 12 exams, following which she enrolled in a typewriting course and completed both the lower and higher levels. She took a small gap after that and then started her BA (Tamil) and graduated in 2010. Four years later, she suffered a personal loss after her husband died of a brief illness. A mother of three girls, Santhi Lakshmi eventually moved on with her life. She and her daughter Thenmozhi are currently pursuing postgraduate degrees in Tamil through correspondence courses from Madurai Kamaraj University.

But this was not Santhi Lakshmi’s first attempt at the TNPSC exams. She has been a regular face at the TNPSC centre in Theni since 2012, and had cleared the exam three times before. But each time, she was thwarted at the counselling level since there were no vacancies.

In 2015, Thenmozhi, now 28, finished her undergraduate degree and started preparing for the TNPSC at Thinai Payirchi Pattarai, a coaching centre with free classes in Theni.

When Santhi Lakshmi missed classes, her daughter would help her. Santhi Lakshmi’s aim is to complete M. Phil and PhD and become a Tamil professor.

Now, Santhi Lakshmi started her new job at the Tamil Nadu Health Department and will move to Veerapandi in Theni district soon. Thenmozhi is awaiting her posting location in the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department.

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