Sai Kaustuv is the one and only differently abled Happiness Coach in India who has transformed several lives by giving them hope and nurturing their spirits!

On being the only differently abled Happiness coach in India, “I am extremely glad to be a Happiness coach and it’s a great feeling, as my motive to spread happiness has come true. I need to have enough happiness within myself before I intend to share it to others and thus ensure to be ever happy”, Sai Kaustav, chuckles.

When you shoulder responsibilities, you need to put your heart and soul into it and most importantly no matter how disinterested you are with the job you first need to accept your situation and make efforts to be happy about what is being served. “Our actions regardless of what we do must be filled with happiness and that will eventually show up on the outcome achieved in any given task”, adds Sai Kaustav.

While giving motivational speeches, Sai has met a lot of people from different communities and has inspired millions of people with whom he has interacted really well.  An observant Sai says, “One common factor that most people complain about is that they are unhappy with their lives, jobs, relationships and so on. At large what I find lacking in people is ‘acceptance’.  People are always cribbing about minute flaws around them and are predominantly unsatisfied with their lives.  They feel caged and start blaming society, neighbours, relatives for their own problems. If they are caged, then what about the differently abled? I am confined to wheelchair and need 24/7 assistance from my parents to move, shift into bed or to do anything. When I can choose happiness over brooding why can’t you?”.

While he juggles all of his roles delightfully, Sai says, “I was a dancer upto 5 years of age, but had to cease from the art form owing to physical incapabilities but that no way stopped my interest in dance. Until now, I love dancing and enjoy watching dance videos, I really adore the way people express their emotions through dance and besides that I also like watching movies”.

A singer, composer and writers he does it all with grace and love, “When I want to express my emotions I begin to sing and I also compose music whenever I get it from the cosmic energy. Infact, I do content writing and contribute to blogs too”, he adds.

Way forward Sai visions to research on wheelchair accessibility, while also aspiring to make our nation better with his own efforts, “I want India to be a wheelchair friendly country, so that people who are confined in wheelchairs can freely move around. Also, in villages there is lack of awareness about how to live your life by sitting in wheel chair; I would like be a living example to people alike me.

By reaching out to more people in the corporate world he intends to bring back the lost smiles owing to their stressful lives and also meet villagers who are yearning to be educated in several areas. Apart from that, he wants to be a bridge between the higher and low society and thereby believes that by doing so, he can contribute to better our country.