Muskmelon is 90% water; it has a cooling and hydrating effect and contains vitamins and nutrients. This round shaped, juicy, “muskmelon” is also known as cantaloupe or kirni in Tamilnadu state. Muskmelon is loaded with high nutrition and is a healthy fruit for all age groups.


Below listed are the health benefits of Muskmelon:

Controls blood pressure

Muskmelons are rich in potassium which helps in regulating the blood pressure and keeps hypertension at bay.

Strengthens the eyes

They have high doses of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which helps sharpen the eyesight as well as reduce the risk of developing cataract.

Helps in weight loss

Muskmelons have negligible fat content in them. They also contain the good carbohydrates derived from sugars which are easily broken down by the body. Their seeds contain a special fibre in them which helps in losing weight. They contain really high content of potassium which helps in losing belly fat.

Low on cholesterol

Muskmelon is absolutely cholesterol free and hence can be had without any worry.

Boosts immunity

Muskmelons are super rich in vitamin C, they strengthen the immune system. They stimulate and increase the white blood cells which help in destroying viruses and bacteria. They also prevent premature ageing of cells.

Treats ulcers

The high quantity of vitamin C helps in the treatment and also prevention of ulcers.

Relieves constipation

Muskmelon contains a significant amount of dietary fibre, making it good for those suffering from constipation.

Prevents kidney stones

An extract of muskmelon called oxykine has proven qualities of curing kidney disorders and stones. It also cleanses the kidneys owing to its high water content.

Helps during pregnancy

Muskmelon has high folate content, which prevents water retention by removing excess sodium from the body.

Cures sleep disorders

Muskmelon helps relax the nerves and the muscles making it easier for people with insomnia to sleep.

Eases menstrual cramps

Due to its anti-coagulant property, it dissolves clots and eases muscle cramps.

Prevents risk of cancer

The vitamin C eliminates free radicals thereby saving the cells of the body from getting damaged by them, thereby preventing the risk of getting cancer.

Helps in quitting smoking

Muskmelon also rejuvenates the lungs and helps recover from tobacco abuse.

Prevents heart diseases

The adenosine in muskmelons has blood thinning properties which automatically reduces the risk of heart ailments.