April 2019 Edition

My Boyfriend left me because he wanted to concentrate on Board X Exams: Taapsee Pannu

The Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu in the recent interview revealed that she faced heartbreaks too.

Pannu said, “My first relationship was in class 9 and it was a delay as compared with my friends. It was awkward and funny because the guy I was dating broke up with me citing 10th Board exams.” He said he needs to concentrate on his studies, she added.

I still remember, at that time we did not have a mobile phone. There was a PCO behind my house. I used to call him on the phone and I would cry and ask him, ‘Why are you leaving me?’ Taapsee added.

“I am a Leo, born on August 1 and it is a deadly combination. I like to be the centre of attention in my personal and professional life. If my partner is easy to control, its no fun. I am in need of someone who can match me. I should be able to look up to him and respect him.”

‘Whenever I am in a relationship, I feel like this is it. He is the person and I imagine my entire life around it. But then that dream breaks one day and then I comfort myself with the fact that maybe he was not the one but the next one will be, ” Taapsee said in a joke.

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