He can read your mind and putyou in a fix of how he did, what and when for days! From making you to forget your ex’s name and guessing what you are thinking, Narpath is certainly your next-door mind reader. GAYATHRI KRISHNARAJ catches up with Narpath Raman as he tries his tricks on her as well

An average student through education and an introvert, Narpath calls his childhood to be mediocre by nature. After finishing his degree in mechanical engineering, he got placed in Bangalore, where his journey into becoming a mentalist began. “When I started, I didn’t even know all these things existed, especially in India. I worked with a couple of companies, only to realise they weren’t what I was seeking for a career”, said Narpath, who suffered a trauma during this phase in his life-he lost his sister! The family was immersed in pain and was mourning. Narpath wanted to snap away from the negativity.

Being a pampered kid, Narpath chose to break out of his comfort zone. He wanted to become independent and learn to tackle life all by himself. He moved base to Bangalore the second time, with a decent job that fetched him a bonus of 1 lakh. This marked to be his turning point, “I stumbled upon David Blaine, the world-famous illusionist. He changed the whole scene of magic for all of us, I mean, for my generation at least. I watched what he did on YouTube continuously for 48 hours and at the 49th hour, I understood what he was doing! It was a moment of euphoria”, exclaimed the mentalist, who hired a working magician for 20, 000 to teach him mentalism – an advanced form of magic, which is only achievable after years of training as a magician. But, he couldn’t do magic.

Narpath decided to figure out mentalism himself! He had to ship material from the US and UK and it cost him a lot. But he was optimistic – “I would earn the money back, I thought and I was excited that I was doing something very different, making me stand apart from the crowd. I started performing on everyone I could – my neighbours, customers who came to the neighbouring shawarma shop and even on strangers! I would approach anyone at random, crushing down apprehension! This also helped me wriggle out of my introvert nature. I was becoming a different person all together; it was like having a super power”, said an excited
Narpath. He eventually decided to quit his job and concentrate on mentalism completely.

What followed next was Narpath’s show that he arranged for himself. Though he expected only 70-80 people for an audience, what zapped him was when 147 people turned out to be his standing spectators! “I thought the show went okay. They said for a first timer it was a great show, but I wasn’t satisfied. However, I earned 240,000 at one go! I loved my life and what I did”, said Narpath.
Soon he became the only mentalist doing public shows in India. He got his fame, with local radios, newspapers and channels covering his talent. He soon moved base to Chennai, where his journey hit another peak. He started making videos that went viral. Both appreciation and criticisms poured in, each of which he took sportively. His videos are now promoted by a big channel called ‘Chennaites’.

Narpath feels mentalism is not too great in India. Thus, he wishes to continue performing here, take it across the country and even to the global platform!
Narpath, now, is engaged in doing corporate shows and has also been approached to do a video for the promotions of a Tamil film. Thus, he’s leaving no stones unturned to promote this art form that’s slowly gaining fame.