April 2019 Edition
Ramadham Wishes

No boundaries for Motherhood. One great example from the Queen of Jungle.

It is so fascinating how there is so much love in a mother’s heart. No matter if the child is her own or somebody’s else, she will look after the kid. Being humans, we saw that many times, that even if a mother is not in a good term with someone, she will keep her grudges to that particular person or family but not with kids. It is said truly that Women are very difficult to Understand, if anybody tries to do so, they will be confused for their entire life. Also said, it is completely opposite with Mothers.
Here is another beautiful story of a similar thing but it is rare to see such happenings. wanna know why? Then keep reading…
A lioness in Gujarat’s Gir Forest has adopted a one-and-half-month-old leopard cub that was separated from its mother. The lioness was seen feeding the leopard cub along with two of her own cubs. They were first spotted together by the staff around six days ago.
The Deputy Conservator of Forest, Dheeraj Mittal, spoke with NDTV, said that the lioness is keeping a vigilant eye on lions who might kill the cub.




“It is indeed a rare phenomenon, as lions tend to kill leopards. In this case, it is quite opposite to what we know about big cats. The lioness is taking extra care of a leopard cub. The lioness is even protecting it from lions present in the area.”
Anything in the world can change but a mother’s love will always remain the same, no matter if it is from human or a wild creature, “A Mother’s Love is a Mother’s Love.”

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