April 2019 Edition
Ramadham Wishes

On her way to become first Indian Women Championship in WWE.

Kavita Devi, 32 years old became the first Indian woman to sign up for WWE last year.She is a mother of two, who underwent training to become a professional wrestler. Her trainer is well known to all over the world. she under the guidance of ‘The Great Khali’ at his training academy in Punjab to become a professional wrestler.

Last year, Devi wrote history as she became the first Indian women to step into the WWE ring in her debut at the inaugural Mae Young Classic. In 2018, she also competed on WWE’s biggest stage during the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania in New Orleans. Now, come 2019, Devi is ready to make the big leap and become the first champion from India.

“Ever since I joined the WWE’s Performance Center it has a been a big learning curve. From taking part in the Mae Young Classic to meeting other athletes from around the world, it has helped me evolve as a person and an athlete at the same time. Things are definitely looking up and this year has been a step forward,” Devi said in an exclusive interview.

So, this time she is full of spirit to get the title of first Indian woman Championship in WWE. “I firmly believe that 2019 could be the year that I fulfill my dream and become the first female champion from India. I train hard to win and I give my 100 percent every day to practice and that day is not far,” she said.

Its amazing to see such women to come forward and decides to become something with so much of dedication and determination. This becomes an inspiration for many.

Feeling Proud na!!! same here 😉

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