April 2019 Edition
Ramadham Wishes

Places to visit this Pongal with Family.

Here are some places where you can go with your family to enjoy and witness the actual and proper celebration of Pongal. Cities do not offer the proper and authentic vibe of Pongal which can be felt in these places.
Madurai is a perfect place which displays the true essence of Pongal festivities. Temples carry out special rituals on all four days of Pongal and visiting the temple during this time is an unforgettable experience despite the crowds. During the four days of Pongal, the farmers and their families display a portion of their harvest to the Sun God and dishes are prepared from this harvest and offered to the almighty. The excitement and joy are surely infectious! The controversial sport of Jallikattu was also conducted as part of the Pongal festivities.

Thanjavur exudes a certain charm that is hard to define in words. Is it the simple people, the ancient temples, the lush green fields or the mouth-watering food? What is it exactly that makes Thanjavur so special? Well, you have to travel there to discover the answers and they may be more than one! But it has many things to let us enjoy and also to learn the roots of the true Pongal festival, which is lacked in the cities.

Pollachi is the gateway to many scenic tourist destinations in the surrounding region. The drive to Pollachi is very enjoyable with scenic sights and great roads. The city has many fields and agricultural activities, making Pongal a festival of immense significance in the region. Enjoy the festivities and also explore the surrounding region that includes attractions such as Topslip, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Aliyar Dam, Valparai, Monkey Falls, Masani Amman Temple, etc.

Coimbatore is another popular textile city in Tamil Nadu. It is also a great place to go festive shopping with many stores offering special discounts and variety beyond imagination! The local temples and the surrounding villages can also be visited for a rustic experience.

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