Indian actor Rajinikanth has indicated that he’s moving closer to a future in politics amid speculation for many years.

In the southern city of Chennai, Rajinikanth told his fans, ‘I will call you when there is a war, then you come.’
Analysts see it as the clearest indication so far that he might switch to politics after a very successful and colorful career in movies.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, BJP, appears to be keen to have him on its side.
The actor has a large following, which is seen as his biggest asset, if he contested in an election.
The actor has been meeting his fans throughout the week for the first time in eight years.
Rajinikanth, from Karnataka state, became popular as a star in the neighboring state of Tamilnadu, which became his home.
The lines the actor spoke, gave strong indications that he was seeking public support.
He said, ‘I am 67 years old and spent only 23 years in Karnataka, for 40 years I had lived in Tamilnadu.” To loud applause, he told his fans, ‘you have made me a pure Tamil.’
He said many of Tamilnadu’s political leaders are good people, but the system is rotten and the system should be changed.