Aren’t you tired of using the same old face packs to attain that glamorous glow on your face? Ditch your face packs right way and shift your focus to face masks! We Portal presents to you an effortless way to replenish your damaged skin in just a few minutes with a range of face masks for different skin types!

Face Masks make up for your ideal skincare regime that helps ward off impurities, excess oil and dirt and inturn helps hydrate your skin. While most of them are still figuring out which type of face mask will suit their skin type. Take a look at the different  kinds of face masks available in the market today for your skin type!

  1. Cream Mask

A cream mask is ingrained of essential oils and moisturizers that travel deep through your skin cells, making it soft, supple and refreshing, free of dry and flaky skin. Cream masks that contain hyaluronic acid bring together the lost moisture while masks with algae extract protect and tighten your skin and fights free radicals.

  1. Clay Mask

Clay masks draw traces of being used by our ancestors to protect and nourish skin. Loaded with minerals, clay masks help detoxify the layers of your skin from within. Known for healing properties, this mask not only soothes troubled skin but ensures a youthful looking skin free of blemishes. The deep cleansing clay masks help absorb excess oil and unblock pores without stripping your skin. Made from natural substances, it helps remove impurities from the pores of your skin by rejuvenating and regenerating damaged skin fibres.

  1. Sheet Mask

This face shaped sheet masks come handy to the lazy yet skin conscious peeps!  Sheet masks are undoubtedly the trend setters of today and are considered a miracle mask as it instantly transforms your skin making it, brighter, hydrated and tightened. These masks will ideally be your one-stop solution for replenishing your tired skin.

  1. Peel Off Mask

Peel off mask is ultimate for those seeking amazing results in one go! These masks are known to remove dead skins cells and fine facial hair while absorbing excess oil.  Peel off masks not only repairs your damaged skin but nourishes and calms the skin leaving a radiant glow. On the flip side, few of them find the removal process to be tiresome!

  1. Thermoherb Mask

Thermoherb masks have been used for decades now and are perfect for women in their late twenties.  These masks work through the deep layers of your skin by tightening and nourishing them while purging the dead skin cells. It is also considered an age-defying mask as it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating your skin.

  1. Warm Oil Mask

Warm oil masks are of different combinations and can be experimented based on skin types. Right from coconut, almond and olive oil each warm oil mask is known to address various skin related issues.  This therapy penetrates deep into the pores of your skin giving you a healthy glow from the inside, thereby ensuring a smooth satin like skin. Warm oil mask is most often serviced in spas and is accompanied with a massage that improves your skins blood circulation.

  1. Natural masks

As the name suggests, these masks are made from natural ingredients that are totally safe for your skin. Natural masks are more often prepared from fruit pulps, plants and natural herbs. These masks are packed with natural enzymes, vitamins and acids that penetrate to the layers of your skin giving you the natural glow and chemical free beauty care.

  1. Charcoal Mask

Known to have great upshot when used for skin, hair and tooth care, Charcoal is today considered a wonder product in the market. These masks are most preferred as they deep cleanse your skin and unclog your pores. Activated Charcoal acts as a magnet that penetrates into your skin gathering all the impurities in just one application. These masks treat acne and removing dead skin cells while instantly brightening up your face.