With all the talk about how important it is to keep your body fit, don’t you think you are missing out on keeping your face fit? If you think you can coat your face with makeup and play peek- a- boo with the fine lines and wrinkles, mind you, as much as the cosmetic brands claim that it is possible, makeup just can’t last forever.  Now, is the idea of having a saggy, wrinkled face haunting you? If yes, –WE PORTAL brings to you the kinds of facial yoga that you need to indulge in for a fat-free face!

Is facial yoga that big a miracle? Believe it or not, it is. It will replenish your skin inside out by improving the blood circulation in all three layers of your skin: hypodermis, the lower layer; dermis, the middle layer and epidermis, the upper layer.  By doing so, it will feed your skin cells enough oxygen making it a toxin-free thus imparting a healthy glow. Not just that, it will also save you the trouble of having to get your hands on anti-ageing creams as soon as you hit 30.  The anti-aging facial exercises will stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in the middle layer of your skin, making it look smoother and tighter. Isn’t it a lottery to be bestowed with these many benefits for just 20 minutes of yoga every day?  You bet!

Following are six simple yet effective facial yoga poses after doing which on a regular basis for about 6 to 9 months, you can flaunt your on point jawline and cheekbones.


Inhale air into your mouth, puff it up and hold on for a couple of seconds. Now, let the poor air go out. Repeat the same exercise 8 to 10 times to tone your face and gift your cheek muscles some strength.


Isn’t it such a pain to hold back blinking when the camera’s flash strikes straight into your eyes? Don’t sweat it because the task now is to not stop blinking. Just, open your eyes as widely as possible and shut it close tightly. Then, open those dewy eyes of yours and close it again. Repeat this sequence until your eyes start tearing up and begs for you to relax. Congratulations! By exercising the muscles around your eyes and forehead, you have presented your eyes better vision.


Using your thumbs, add pressure from below your chin and make it look upward. Repeat this exercise 3 to 4 times to get rid of double chin and reveal your perfect jaw line.


Firstly, put on a pleasant smile, then slowly suck the inside of your cheeks into the gap between your upper and lower row of teeth. If by any chance, you come across a mirror, just peek into it to find your face look like that of Nemo’s. Now, get your human face back and repeat this exercise 4 to 5 times to make your cheek muscles firm and to tone your lips.


Fancy taking selfies with wide smiles and pouts? If yes, lucky you, you already know the trick.  Just, smile as widely as possible, then turn the smile into a pout and blow a kiss. Done? That’s it. Seriously, that is all that it takes to do this exercise- a smile followed by a pout. Repeat the exercise 20 to 25 times to brighten your face and bring some colour to your cheeks.


Know how to make a victory symbol with your fingers? That’s all you need to know. Spread the V such that you place both your middle fingers at the inner corner of your eyebrows and your little fingers at the outer corner of your eyebrows.  Apply gentle pressure at both the corners and slowly look up at the ceiling. Now, do a quick, tight squint and relax. Repeat the exercise for about 6 times before you finish it with 10 seconds of tightly shut eyes. Regular practice of this exercise will be your answer to drooping eyelids, eye bags, crow’s feet and puffiness. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Get those anti-ageing creams off of your table, rub the makeup off, work your facial muscles the advised way and walk with your head held high with no doubt over how absolutely flawless your skin is. And…you‘re welcome.