April 2019 Edition

Seven Cooking Tips You Should Know

  1. To know if Pineapple is ripe, gently tug on one of the bottom leaves. If it comes away from the fruit with a gentle tug, the fruit is ripe.


  1. If you buy spinach in the plastic container, flip it over in the fridge each day to prevent the condensation from wilting the leaves.



  1. Disassemble a pomegranate in a bowl of water! Seeds sink pulp floats.


  1. To avoid dulling the blade of your knife, turn it upside down before scraping items off your cutting board.


  1. Peel ginger with a spoon! So much easier to shave the skin off than cutting it with a knife.


  1. When you buy berries of any sort take them out of the plastic container and line the container with paper towels. Then place berries back in. Helps to keep berries longer.


  1. To make peeling and mincing garlic easier first mash the clove with either the flat part of the knife or with the knife handle.


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