April 2019 Edition
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Seven times Dravid gave us goals by being himself

One of India’s most powerful cricketer Rahul Dravid turns 46 today and the Gentleman of the game has impacted our lives in many ways. The best of all the things is that he loves being himself.

Here are seven instances where he won our hearts just by being himself.

1. Stood in the queue along with other parents during a school science exhibition

This photo went viral last year where Rahul Dravid was pictured standing in a long queue for the school science exhibition

2. Dravid skyped with a terminally-ill fan and apologized for not making it in person due to his busy schedule

He spoke to his bedridden fan for almost an hour and apologized for not being able to make it to the hospital. It was also a dream come true for the ward boys and other patients, who joined the conversation later.

3. Turned down Honorary doctor degree, said he should ‘earn it’

He thanked the university but turned down the offer because he thought he did not deserve it.

4. Travelled in economy class along with his fans, takes public transport while in Bangalore

5. Dravid joined GoSports foundation to guide Olympians and Paralympians, opted to coach junior team instead of senior team

6. He fought with BCCI for equal prize money for all the staff members after winning Under-19 World Cup


7. When he was seen taking order at the cafe counter

Refusing to bother the waiters, Dravid went to the counter, placed his order, gave cash and came back to his seat.

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