You know what’s the worst thing in the world? Being denied of sweets. It’s no surprise that we crave sweets every now and then. But when the membership in gym begins and we get the sugar control chart, our body begins to cry. So, why deny the pleasure of a sweet tooth? Especially when we bring to you superfoods.

What is superfood?

You may ask! Well superfoods are natural products which are high in nutrients. They serve as a competition to the protein shakes and other diets as they benefit our health during intake. The best part about consuming a superfood is that, it doesn’t need to be consumed raw. Cook it, fry it, or even sugar coat it, the health consistence doesn’t fade. Here are eight such superfoods which can be turned into a sweet dish and enjoyed without having to worry about it affecting our health.

  • EGG:

French toast? Egg halwa? Mouth-watering, isn’t it? Well that’s the magic of egg. Being one of the highest sources of Vitamin-D, eggs promote brain health and also provides healthy hair and nails. The protein richness present inside the white shell, can also be consumed raw if you are up for the challenge.


South Indians and coconut is an evergreen combo. Apart from bringing out the flavour of a dish, coconuts treat stomach ulcer and internal infections. There is no risk in consuming coconut daily especially if it comes in the form of coconut water or milk. And you need not worry about it being available, because well, this is indeed South India, a haven for coconuts.


Do not go on the size. Almonds provide protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin-B. When consumed, they bring out a glow to the face and cures constipation. Soak almonds in water before bed and have them the first thing in the morning. If that doesn’t work out, almond kulfi is available in every super market.


For all those who have had Carrot Halwa, carrots might not seem such a bad idea. They are rich in fibre and contain iron, calcium and phosphorus. Carrot helps in continuous blood flow while giving you brilliant eye sight. Let’s take a page out of our favourite childhood cartoon, Bugs Bunny and have a carrot to stay fit and sassy.

  • HONEY:

It’s golden! It’s delicious! And it’s the best sweetener compared to sugar. It has zero cholesterol and zero fat, not to mention how it helps in burning fat. Consuming honey on a daily basis is 100% healthy and tasty. If you are bored with the usual raw honey, mix it up. Try the famous Thaen Mittai, honey cakes and the delicious honey candies.

  • COCO:

What if you could get Sodium, potassium, vitamin B-6, carbohydrates, calcium, iron and magnesium all from just one item. That’s right. Coco, one of the world’s largest productions gives a piece of heaven in your mouth and a healthy, long life. There is no need for introductions on how to consume coco but try a few basic yet tasty treats like hot chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate bars, mousse, cakes and the list just goes on.


Okay so every woman as a child have pulled tantrums for strawberry ice-cream. Lucky us, the berry has proved to be a girl’s best friend. Filled with a lot of minerals and vitamins, strawberry helps in anti-ageing. It prevents birth defects, prevents cancer and helps in better eye function. So, need it be said that strawberries apart from ice cream are available as pies, cakes, milkshakes and lots more.


Halloween is not the only occasion where pumpkins are appreciated. The orangish golden fruit benefits the heart in numerous ways. The pulp and the seeds in a pumpkin are rich in magnesium which is required for the bones. Moreover, pumpkin helps in attaining good skin. Be it pumpkin pie or pumpkin kheer, either way it dissolves into your body as a super food giving you a super body.

So, what more are you waiting for? Get your aprons on and start stirring up that sweet, sweet dishes!