April 2019 Edition
April 2019 Edition

The buyer asked for real photos of the dress, so online seller wore it and sent pictures of himself!

Online shopping has taken over the real shopping and we can order literally anything with just a touch from our phone. Unfortunately, it’s hard in a way to choose a dress from online because the colour, size and everything varies from the picture that was shown online to the product when we receive. Hey, remember those expectations vs reality images?

So, a woman named Andreea Patriche was looking for gowns in Ali Express website. She found a dress that attracted her but she had doubts whether the dress would look lovely in real. So, she asked the seller to give her a real photo of the dress.

Patriche was expecting the photos of the gowns over a dummy lesser did she know that the seller would wear it by himself.

Yes, you read that right.

The online seller with the username Ali Express decided to accept this woman’s request. Andreea received hilarious photos of the seller, who is male, wearing the gowns for her. She said:

“I found a shop that sold prom dresses and wedding dresses so I asked for real photos rather than stock photos and the seller sent me these (photos) of him trying them on.”

The gowns were made from different materials including synthetic leather, polyester and spandex and came in various colours and sizes.

Though a man was wearing them, the gowns looked great with all the jewels and designs.

These pictures went viral on social media and people have already started photoshopping the man with Disney princess.

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