We have all in our lifetime have come across a phrase that is being used almost by everyone. “Age is just a number”. Of course, it is just a digit and we may not worry about it. So all the beautiful girls in twenties who are stepping into the adulthood out there this is exclusively for you, Stop worrying and start enjoying the 20’s.

Here are the most important things to do before you turn 30.


Who doesn’t like travelling? So, pack your bags for now it’s the time to travel. You will never be freer than you are in your 20’s. So, make use of every opportunity that comes your way to explore and experience new places and parts of the world.

Learn to cook:

This might sound cliché but it is not. Learn to make few simple dishes which will help you when you are pushed to live alone. Stock your kitchen with products you like the most and you are good to go

 Learn to look after yourself:

Self-care is very important than anything or anybody in your life. This is only body and life you will ever have. Take care of yourself , lead an ill-free life so as to enjoy your one and only life because you only live once

 Make a budget:

The word “Budget” is applicable not only for the government but also for an individual. Make a budget list soon after your salary gets credited in your bank account and spend on things that you can afford and make sure you stick within your limit because never will you know what the future finance would be.

 Live Alone:

Every girl wishes to live independently. Initially living and doing things on your own would be difficult but this is when you get to know that you are maturing in life and are ready to face the world with a better understanding of yourself.

 Learn to drive:

Be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler every girl should learn to drive in order to be independent and when a girl drives a vehicle on her own that’s when she becomes strong and if an issue arises, well a long ride will cure it all.

Read and Learn More:

There is another magical world called books. These days people are deep into the digital world that we forget to lose ourselves in the magical world of books. So pick a novel and read it till it stirs your soul.

Learn who your true friends are:

Not everybody in your life you meet is your friend. Know who is your 3 a.m. friend who consoles you whenever you are sad or scared. Know who will come in for you no matter how much ever you throw tantrums on them. Real friends are meant to be family. Hold on those people and nurture the beautiful relationship which is otherwise known as friendship eternally

Love yourself:

Loving yourself is the most important. People will talk behind your backs, make jokes of you and shame you when got the chance but what you have to do is chin up and walk ahead of your life by loving yourself. This is key to success and happiness. Don’t you want happiness in your life?

Learn to say “NO”:

It is impossible to do things which are not set for you. You should stay within the boundaries which have been kept for yourself. Don’t walk in all the directions you are pushed to. Say “NO” politely and even rudely if needed. Be your own boss.