April 2019 Edition
April 2019 Edition

This first dance of a wheelchair-bound groom with his bride has left people teary-eyed

The first dance after the wedding is always special and memorable. While most of the videos make us all smile and laugh, here’s one video that left the world teary-eyed.

In the video which is going viral on Social Media, a wheelchair-bound groom was seen kissing his bride as she sits on his lap. A few minutes later three groomsmen approach the groom with a velcro strap and two chairs. The men put the chairs close to the groom while a man ties their legs together. A few seconds later, all the three stand up with a huge roar from the crowd who were surprised. The bride then kisses him, and they slow dance to Sam Smith’s melodious ‘Make It To Me’.

This video was first shared by Ana Bel García Ortiz (@ortizanita6) on Tik Tok. Now, this video has been shared on Facebook even by celebrities and Many, while sharing the video, said this is the most emotional thing they have ever seen.

Here is the video:

Es lo mas hermoso que he visto ❤️

Publiée par Cristian Peña Lopez sur Jeudi 24 janvier 2019


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