April 2019 Edition

Viral: A School Principal found an Amazing way to make Exercise fun for the kids

Do you remember your school days P.E.T hour? Oh man! Those tiring exercise made us hate that 10 mins from the hour. But also, it was the best hour as we were able to get a break from those hectic class hours. Here’s what, this amazing principal has got some new moves to make his students groove which helps them to be fit.


In a video, Zhang Pengfei, the principal of Xi Guan Primary School in Linyi County, Shanxi is seen grooving and shuffling with his pupils on ‘Guibu.’ The video has gone viral and is now viewed by seven million people in The principal broke the age-old tradition as well as the government order making this bold move.The children are supposed to follow a mandatory callisthenics routine that has been in place since 1951. Many teachers were not that supportive in the beginning and when speaking to the principal he said, “The music is full of energy. It really gets the happiness flowing.”

With such a positive response by people, he said,

 “This is just a small activity at our school. I just wanted to offer a different way to exercise during the class break.”

This is just amazing. Wish we had something like this during our school days and also for the current gen kids too.



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