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Viswasam Review: Ajith steals the show

Thala Ajith and his favourite director Siva are back again with Viswasam which is actually the extension of their most enjoyable commercial potboiler Veeram.

Set in Koduvilarpatti village, Viswasam stars Ajith Kumar as Thooku Dorai, who is an innocent, uneducated, brave man who is loved and respected in Madurai district.

Niranjana (Nayanthara) comes to Durai’s village, he falls in love with her and they get married. Just when Niranjana delivers a baby girl Swetha (Anikha), she finds that Durai’s behaviour and life will affect her daughter’s life and future. A disappointed Niranjana moves to Mumbai and the couple gets separated for ten years. However, situation reunites them and there is a villain (Jagapathi Babu) who tries to murder Swetha. Can the hero save his daughter and reunite with the family forms the rest of the story.

Ajith as Thooku Durai once again has done well. Looks like he enjoyed playing both young and old role. Whenever there’s a slight dip in the movie, Ajith covers it all and makes it engaging throughout.

Nayanthara as Niranjana is, as usual, great and has a good role to play throughout the movie. More than Nayanthara, Anikha as Swetha steals the show. The chemistry she shares with Ajith is excellent and enjoyable.

D Imman’s music is great in a few places while it is not working out in a few. Overall he has done a decent job. Adchithooku song will be a treat to the fans in theatres. Yogi Babu, Robo Shankar, Vivek and Thambi Ramaiah provide constant laughter throughout. Just like in every other commercial movie, Jagapathi Babu’s character is poorly written and he is a weak antagonist.

On the whole, Viswasam do have flaws but Ajith saves the day and makes the movie engaging and watchable.

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