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Watch: Vidya Balan breaks down while talking about fat-shaming

May 31, 2019 | 13:08 IST | CineBuzz |

Actress Vidya Balan who has spoken a lot of times about the impact of body shaming has addressed the issue via a video and called out people for passing derogatory remarks on others’ body type.

“Kabhi tu moti kehta hai, kabhi tu choti kehta hai…. ” Vidya says in a video, with a certain confidence and weight in her voice. She highlights the discriminatory comments and jokes made at people regarding their looks.

“Don’t make jokes on someone’s size, colour. Everyone is different…that’s why everyone is special,” Vidya said in the video, which is part of an initiative for her radio show Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho.

Vidya had uploaded the video on Instagram a few days ago. Dressed in a black sari and messed up make-up, Vidya even broke down while talking about the issue.

She captioned it: “Most of us are potential victims of ‘body shaming’ – the widespread phenomenon of receiving cruel feedback when our bodies don’t meet the unrealistic beauty standards of our time. Here’s my take on body shaming.”

Earlier, she had said: “In my early days, even before I entered the film industry, people said various discouraging things about me, they called me ‘moti’ and I faced body shaming. It really affects our confidence. Physical fitness shouldn’t be achieving an unrealistic goal to look in a certain way and thinking that is beautiful.”

On the work front, Vidya will next be seen in Mission Mangal along with Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Taapsee Pannu.

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