Asthma is a disease that many people suffer from. It is a chronic disease that can greatly affect a person’s breathing by creating an inflammatory effect in the lungs leading to the narrowing of the airway or even worse, airway closure. There is no clear reason for the occurrence of asthma but there are various aspects that can cause the development of asthma. 


Purpose of World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is celebrated to achieve the following purposes:

  • To aid in the improvement of asthma care and increase the awareness of lay people regarding asthma.
  • To prevent an increase in the death rate as well as to reduce the overall death rate attributed to asthma.
  • To encourage all persons with asthma to join together for proper diagnosis and treatment provision.
  • To enhance the welfare of those people without asthma while protecting the welfare of those having it.
  • To determine the proper treatment classification of the patient according to the standard guidelines whether they belong to the primary or secondary level.
  • To reduce the cases of emergency hospital visits due to asthma.
  • To minimize the number of days spent in the hospital by the asthmatic patient.