As we are finishing up the 2017 the top numbers of various fields are coming up on the calendar. Yahoo has now come up with this year’s top 10 searched female celebrities online.

  1.   Sunny Leone:   

The actress who has a very big fan following has not missed to be the top most searched female celebrity. She is been ruling the reign of topping the list this year too. The known         beauty always had a lot of follower’s online and when her fans got to know about the actress adopting a baby girl Nisha was a adding factor to her popularity.




      2. Priyanka Chopra :   

This ex miss world who made her debut in Hollywood movie “Baywatch” was appreciated world wide. Although the movie dint make a great box office hit, it gave the actress a good popularity.                                                   

The Bollywood actress was also in the Forbes top 100 powerful women’s list in which international celebrities like Beyonce , Taylor Swift was also listed. Her new series “Quantico” is well received by the audience and got her more popularity worldwide.


        3. Aishwarya Rai Bachan                                                                           


Aishwarya Rai Bachan who represented  India at the canes film festival this year along with her daughter Aradhya Bhachan was much adored by the actress’s follower’s .The mother daughter duo had a lot of fan following in the internet and it was the main reason for her to go  trending this year. Aishwarya Rai also signed a film with Anil Kapoor and Rajukumar Rai for an upcoming movie this also kept the actress popular throughout the year.


       4. Kathrina Kaif                                         


Kathrina Kaif who gave her follower’s a sweet surprise this year by joining in Instagram network . The actress kept sharing  lot of candid photos which kept her viral all time. At the end of the year the post of the actress with Salman Khan went viral on the internet for their awesome chemistry in the new movie which is process.


     5. Deepika Padukone                                                                           

Deepika  also made her debut Hollywood movie this year in XXX with Vin diesel was trending in all the media platforms. She also stunned her follower’s while walking in the red carpet of the Canes festival 2017 which grabbed more attention. Padmavathi movie with Sanjay Leela Bansali directing it made her trending but the issues with her movies release is a bad hit for her this year.


       6. Kareena Kapoor Khan                                                            

Actress Kareena Khan after given birth to a baby boy was the talk of the town . Baby Taimur Khan kept attracting fans wherever he was taken too . This also made Kareena Kapoor Khan more trending.


    7. Mamatha Kulkarni                                                             

Mamatha was a 90’s actress and was in the headlines when she acted with stars like Amir Khan and Salman Khan. Her name was unknown untilfor the news of her escape toDubai when her husbandwas caught by the Us police on a drug racketcase.


       8. Disha Patani                                                                                  

This actress is busy in the shoots of BAAGI 2 and it is rumored to be dating Tiger Shroff. The Reason​ behind the celebrities popularity was her hot dance videos and special appearance in shows . Beyond that her photo shoots and her secret relationship kept her in the 8th place.


      9. Kavya Madhavan

Wife of actor Dileep, Kavya Madhavan was also well know actress in the Malayalam  industry. The Reason of her sudden popularity was when her name was disclosed by pulsar Sunni who was the main culprit in a female celebrity’s kidnap and sexual assault case. Her husband actor Dileep was arrested for hiring Sunni for kidnapping and sexually harassing an actress.


  10. Esha Gupta                                                                                     

The Bollywood actress who won the miss India international award in 2007 was seen in many movies but the reason for her to be trended was her recent photo shoot . Though many like the photos a large number of people yelled her for her vulgar photos which had a lot of sexual content.